… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

To Mesh or Not to Mesh… that IS the Question!

One year and 7 months ago my journey here in Second Life began….. Now several skins AND shapes later I stand before you completely and totally 100% happy with my avatar appearance. BUT it was not until just a few short months ago that I fell in love with Mesh clothing.

I started as everyone in Second Life starts, as bare as a new born babe with no idea where to begin or how to begin or who to turn to. Thankfully within a two week period at the point where I was debating what this “virtual world” had to offer and was on the verge of never logging in again I met Waagwan (my liege and mentor in Dark Eternal Rose). Waags (or Wiggles as I like to call him hehe) taught me the ways of this wonderful world and how to navigate it and when I met Hazy (his current fiance) my image began to take its’ first changes.

Yet I remained in what many refer to as “noob clothing”. I heard about Mesh…. I saw others wearing mesh even and thought to myself how great their outfits looked on them. At one point I bought an adorable mesh outfit…. then moaned and groaned for days about how I wasted Lindens on something that could never ever ever ever ever fit properly… EVER! (Sarcasm intended.)

I went through so many different changes with my appearance and skin choices but never returned to mesh because in my mind it was a hassle and was not worth my time or lindens, the clothing just did not fit.. PERIOD! (Get where I am going with the sarcasm here..?) *giggles*

Fast forward a few months and I am well on my way to being a pro and helping others navigate this crazy insane but perfectly awesome virtual reality. I turned Vampire and gained my very first minion…. Frothy(Kallieme). I LOVED helping her and was super stoked that she was my first minion because she actually had computer smarts and it took her no time to pick up on things I was teaching her….. but little did I know how much she was going to wind up teaching ME. (Trust me… my wardrobe needed it haha.)

Another couple of months down the line when she discovered mesh she tried to steer me in that direction, she had nothing but rave reviews about mesh clothing. I fought her tooth and nail with dragons, super giant spiders, and good old fashioned cussing. My mind was set…. I refused! *sigh* but that persistent pain in my ass that I know call my dearest and best friend just would not give up. She nagged like an old lady with a cane ready to beat me over my head. (Oh…. yea it still did not work…. I am THAT stubborn!)

Finally……….. I decided yet again to change my skin and shape……. it took me a month or so till I found … well…. ME….. and satisfaction with the look I had taken on. Oh and all the while trust me… that pain in my ass (Frothy) was still there dropping hints along the way about how totally awesome mesh was and I should just give it another try… quit being stubborn…. learn to modify my shape a little to better fit with the alphas……… blah blah blah. Well… I guess all her nagging paid off… because at some point as I sat shopping on marketplace I fell in love with a mesh outfit enough to give this “modifying my shape to fit the alpha crap” a real honest to goodness try. And as Frothy would say “DING DANG IT!” because it worked! The outfit fit wonderfully with a few small modification and a quick save of the adjusted shape under a new name. I have not gone back to “noob clothing” since and I don’t want too.

Now don’t get me wrong… some outfits are easier than others to modify your shape towards and some designers are WAY BETTER than others but for the most part I don’t have a problem with mesh wear anymore. I absolutely LOVE MESH! Oh and BONUS because now with this new “liquid mesh” outfits are going to fit a lot easier because the alphas will conform for the most part to your personal avatar shape. (And YES there is already a few of these liquid mesh outfits out there on MP.) So…. if your sitting around… whether your new or old to second life…. and your asking yourself “To Mesh or Not to Mesh?”  Well to you I say this………. JUST SAY YES TO MESH!!!!


Article by : T.M.Battles (Wix)


Me in one of my beginning shapes and skins with my non-mesh wear. …….Wiccccss    


Me…. NOW…………….


Outfit shown in 2nd photo:

Ricielli Mesh- Highwaisted Jeans * Ricielli Mesh Cropped Sweater


4 responses

  1. Frothy

    Ding Dang It!! What a Hottie you turned out to be!

    January 27, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    • My inner hotness had to come out at some point…. 😛

      January 28, 2014 at 7:22 pm

    • Full Moon Blog

      damn right she is :))
      i had issues with mesh too because i hadnt updated my puter i coudlnt run firestorm and the old phoenix u could only wear one alpha witch obviously had to be dedicated to shoes so unless the outfit was really really well made the odd ones i could wear with out an alpha , but now my puter updated got firestorm and loves mesh also . and i agree i think most take a few months to really find their style and the way they really happy with their avi but its like a new lease of life once u find that:)) hugs have i added u to some of the blogger groups in fb yet??

      February 2, 2014 at 1:15 pm

      • Yes you make wonderful points! TY for sharing! And no I do not know if I was added to any blogger groups on FB. I don’t think so…

        February 3, 2014 at 4:29 pm

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