… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

Ignorant Bliss

O deceitful liquid of life,
you taste of honeyed rage,
you tease us with roses,
then pierce us with envenomed thorns,
Time after time we return to you,
We remain entangled in your embrace,
as though lovers bound in endless quarrel.
Your lies leave a bitter taste of longing…..
Your ingredients arouse, yet you extinguish…
and still we persist so we may taste of you..
Taste of your intoxicating illusions..
We are addicted with no cure….
you give us nothing to even the score………………….

Heart sacrifice


Poem by: T.M.Battles(Wix)

Models for photo: Frothy & WiccanBeauty

Photo by: Bear( Windlight Photography)



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