… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

Taking back my blog….

My dearest followers,

my blogs have become redundant

and mediocre and for that I am sorry.

When I first started this blog

it was for my love of writing

and passion for second life fashion.

I quickly gained the support of many

wonderful sponsors whom

I can never repay for their kindness

and faith in me.

As of late, my real life has many obligations

and my new real life job has pretty crappy hours

most of the time.

This blog was becoming “just another obligation”

because of the time frames in which my sponsors

would need their items blogged.

My work became half baked

and lacked in quality because I had such

little time to write and really enjoy

the items I was blogging about.

It all became very insincere.

So, I am taking back my blog!

From now on, no more sponsors.

When I write, it will be because

an anvil fell from the skies,

smacked me upside my head,

and the little birdies dancing about will squawk


From now on, instead of the glorious freebies I

received as a blogger, I am going on a “woman hunt”

and am determined to seek out the unique and

extraordinary among our virtual kingdom.

It may be a designer of fashion,

or furniture.

It could be a breathtaking sim full of wonder.

Whatever it is,

when I find it and share it with all of you,

my writing will be 100% truth.

I will tell you the good and the bad.

The beautiful and  the ugly.

My sarcasm and wit can

be bottled up no longer.

I will write from the heart and soul.

I will dig deep down and find that golden jelly bean

full of flavor!

(That last sentence was for my friend Frothy- Love you.)

I hope I do not lose any of my outstanding followers

but if I do I wish you well.

….Wicked Wix is back….

~WiCkEd WiCCaN~

(And this last bit I am totally hijacking from my friend Frothy’s totally awesome blog-

something that will no doubt be just as wicked as I am- A recipe I stumbled upon and plan to attempt

this next holiday season- maybe a few of you can attempt it for Easter)

…Without further Adieu I give you…


(Yea I am totally not retyping that recipe for you- follow the link below for which I take

no credit- Trust me- You won’t regret doing so!)

Giant Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Mousse Cakes


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