… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

❄I’m Gonna Swing From the Chandelier❄

Something New  #2

Sorry my dearest followers,

I have been so consumed with real life

that I have neglected my Second Life duties

but what is a woman to do when planning her

real life wedding?!?


what better way to get back to business other

than bringing you my all time favorite pose store

and its’ latest poses and pose props!

To start you off I am going to show you two poses from the

“Look at Me” pose set by Something New.

Then I am gonna freeze your hearts

on the “Ice Princess” pose prop which is

out just in time for the Christmas holiday


get you hanging from those chandeliers

with the “chandelier” pose prop that you can

find over at the Thrift Shop through Nov 30th!

So have fun checking out the props and poses below

and then get out there and get some!

T.M. Battles (Wix)

Look at me1 look at me3


Wonderland on Ice4 Wonderland on Ice Wonderland on Ice3 Wonderland on Ice2


Hang from Chandalier

Hang from chandalier2

Model: Wiccanbeauty

Poses and Pose Props by: Something New

Something New Marketplace link:


Something New In World Landmark:



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