… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

(*_*)Other Wordly(*_*)


I am super stoked and excited about the


of ~Crow~, which is happening tomorrow October 30th!

They have TONS of cools wings, eyes, skins, textures, etc!

So today I wanted to give you a small introduction of

some of the stuff they have to offer.

So below on the left of the photo is

the Tatiana Seaspray skin with the freckles layer added,

I have incorporated the Night Vision Eyes and Tatiana Wings Three

to compliment this awesome skin which is really great for fantasy

and roleplay!

In the middle is a super pale, almost grey skin

called Tatiana Firelight which is also super awesome for

fantasy and roleplay as well!

I added with it the Maeve Wings Eleven and Ultra Violet Eyes Two.

Out of the Three I have blogged today this next one is

my personal FAVORITE, on the far right of the photo

you will see a delicate and soft pale skin called Sophie Fullmoon

and I have enhanced it with the Steam Doll Eyes Six and

Morgan Wings Eighteen!

I truly did NOT want to take this skin off!

The Tatiana Firelight and Sophie Fullmoon skins BOTH came with

Slink Hand and Feet appliers which was GREAT since I am an owner of both!

I hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed modeling them!

T.M. Battles (Wix)

They DO Exist

Model: WiccanBeauty

~Crow~ Marketplace Link:


~Crow~ In World Landmark:



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