… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

~Murder in the Kitchen~

Entice Logo Square copy

So, as I am sure we are all aware,

Halloween is almost here!

With that said,

there are so many new and exciting

costumes and fun Halloween outfits

to go crazy with!

You can wear them as is or give

them your own bit of flare

but they are ALWAYS fun!

This year wonder your sweet avi

over to the Creepie Cutie Carnival which opened

on Oct 18 and where

one of my favorite designers, Entice,

will be set up with some fab Halloween items!

One of my favorites that I wish to

share with you today is the Sweet Surrender Outfit

with color change HUD.

It comes with the dress, the blood splatter  tattoo,

Bloody knife prop

and the heels and tights as well.

It is a really fun and YES…. CUTE outfit

that is just perfect for Halloween!

T.M. Battles (Wix)

Bloody Cook Bloody Cook2 Bloody Cook3 Bloody Cook4 Bloody Cook5

Model: Wiccanbeauty

Wearing: Entice ~ Sweet Surrender Outfit

Hair by: Truth ~ Vida

Entice @ Creepie Cutie Carnival:


Entice In World Landmark:


Entice Marketplace Link:



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