… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

SoOoo Criminal….

Holy shirt full logo, white background

YaY! Love new stuff from HOLY SHIrT!

This sports skirt and hoodie is to DIE for!

It makes me feel criminal wearing this sleek

and sexy yet totally sporty number!

It comes in White, Pink, Orange, Brown, and Blue.

And because I was feeling so criminal wearing it,

I just had to photograph it that way too!

Watch out SL- Wix is up to naughty and

totally bad things!

No worries.. I will just blame

HOLY SHIrT if I get thrown in SL jail!


T.M. Battles (Wix)

A loner A Loner2 A Loner3 A Loner4 A Loner5

Model: WiccanBeauty

Wearing: HOLY SHIrT Sports skirt and Hoodie (All Colors)

Hair by: ^;^CatWa^;^ Mesh Jessica Rainbow Hair

Shoes: Slink Demi Boots in Black for slink high feet

HOLY SHIrT Marketplace Link:


HOLY SHIrT In World Landmark:




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