… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

MAN!!….. Who’s That Girl?!

Entice Logo Square copy

On this lovely Sunday Evening,

as the sun is setting and its’ glorious

rays of light fade into night,

I feel compelled to share with you

two fantastic(as always) outfits from


The first is the  Maneater Corset and Maneater Boots

(Sold Separately) 

which you will find at

Mystic Realms Faire!!!

This number is one naughty outfit too!

In fact… this outfit is barely there!

So if you like a bit of the risque

and the Roleplay,

then snatch this doozy up!

You can purchase the individual colors

or buy the fatpack too.

Choice is all yours ladies!

Don't Hold Me Back

Find it here:



This second little number is dressed up

yet very casual at the same time.

It is simple and appealing as well

as alluring too.

So, I am a few days late on this one as

it was released

for Secret Wednesday

but you can still snatch the Who’s That Girl

outfit at 49 Lindens until Tuesday night the 14th

of October.

Don’t waste another minute on getting

down to Entice and grabbing this one!

Don't stand in my Way

Model: WiccanBeauty

Wearing in first photo: Entice ~ Maneater Corset Outfit and Maneater Boots for slink high feet

Wearing in Second photo: Entice ~ Who’s That Girl outfit

Shoes in Second Photo by: ZoZ ~ Chloe Heels

Entice Marketplace Link:


Entice In World Landmark:




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