… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

**^ TrIpLe ScOrE ^**


Ok, so AGAIN.. I love.. LOVE… this designer!

She has the super cutest clothes

that are always equipped with a color change hud.

I went to her store today and saw

one of her super HOT models wearing what had to be

one of the sexiest dresses in Second Life!

Maybe it was just her model…. Maybe it was the dress…

Maybe it was the combination of shoes, dress, and necklace.

(Yes, I bought all three! I blame the model… haha)

But I think it looks pretty damn good on me too!

So needless to say, I couldn’t resist and here I am

ranting to you once again about Rowena’s Designs.

If you have not been there, get there!

Tons of options to choose from

and again, with the color change huds,

you just can’t go wrong here!

(Wonder if I can find this dress in RL.. Hmm Fiance WOULD approve!)

…Without any further delay…

Here is the Dalena Mini Dress,

Dalena Boots,

and Alae Atrae Necklace.

T.M. Battles (Wix)

Mine Alone Mine

Models: WiccanBeauty & Vigr

Wiccan is Wearing: Rowena’s Designs Dalena Mini Dress

Wiccan’s shoes by: Rowena’s Designs Dalena Boots for Slink High feet

Wiccan’s Necklace by: Rowena’s Designs Alae Atrae Necklace

Wiccan’s Hair by: Truth ~ Rowan

Vigr is Wearing: .~Frozen Dreams~. Deliverance Outfit (Minus the Deliverance Jacket)

Vigr’s Hair by: *REDGRAVE* Tyler

Poses in first photo by: <K&S> Flirting Animation

Pose in Second photo(props included) by: RACK poses – You’re Going Nowhere

Rowena’s Designs Marketplace Link:


Rowena’s Designs In World Landmark:



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