… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

*^ FaNcY ThAT ^*

Holy shirt full logo, white background

The Fashion Collective opened its’ doors

yesterday at 10 A.M. and you can bet your

pretty round end that HOLY SHIrT is there with an exclusive for you!

Let me tell you what a treat you’re in for

with The Ballgown by HS!

It’s simply sweet, perfectly simple, and adorably classic.

Perfect for any fancied up occasion or whimsical moment!

~ Check it out ~

~~ OH DUH & Buy one too, HELLO why wouldn’t you?!? ~~

T.M. Battles (Wix)

My Wonderland

Model: WiccanBeauty

Wearing: The Ballgown by HOLY SHIrT (All colors)

Shoes by: -{ZoZ}- Chloe Heels for Slink Mid Feet

Hair by: Exile ~ Dream of Paradise

The Fashion Collective Landmark:


HOLY SHIrT Marketplace Link:


HOLY SHIrT In World Landmark:



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