… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

~* WaTcH ME *~


…I’m a star and I am going to shine…

….I’m a diva and I will wear ONLY the best designer clothes….

So if you want to be like me and live the high life

 but without the cost, then Wear Rowena’s Designs!

All her outfits come with a fabulous color change hud

 and so do the shoes as well!

She knows how to make a great alpha,

so your not going to have those annoying

glitches you find with some SL designers.

Ha! Who needs to spend 300Ls or more on an

outfit only to find the alpha is poorly made


the texture is just blah!

Check out the Alicia Shirt and Ruffled Skirt

that I picked up for only 150Ls!

Then below that check out the fab Mellony Heels for Mid Slink feet

that I also scored for 150Ls!

We are talking a COMPLETE outfit here ladies

for a total of 300Ls but the best part is it is versatile

with the superb color change huds they both came with!

…..Listen, don’t take my word for it…..

~See the photos below~


T.M. Battles (Wix)


Absolute Glamour Absolute Glamour2 Absolute Glamour3 Absolute Glamour4 Absolute Glamour5~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~ Don’t forget about the shoes ladies! ~

Absolute Glamour6 Absolute Glamour7 Absolute Glamour8 Absolute Glamour9 Absolute Glamour10

Model: Wiccanbeauty

Wearing: Rowena’s Designs Alicia Shirt & Ruffled Skirt (Color change Hud included)

Shoes by: Rowena’s Designs ~ Mellony Heels for Mid Slink Feet (Color change hud included)

Hair by: .:{Rumina}:. Keri Group Gift (25L on MP)

Poses by: {Nan Tra} Songbird Pose Pack

Rowena’s Designs Marketplace Link:


Rowena’s Designs In World Landmark:








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