… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

(()) CowGirlZ & InDiAnS (())

Something New  #2

As a child it was always fun to play cowgirls & indians,

I, of course, loved playing an indian!

I also remember looking for the cowgirls & indians

on the tootsie pop wrappers!

I was always thrilled when I found one of the two

on my tootsie pop wrapper (I know I am a HUGE dork right??)

Well one of my favorite prop and pose stores

has brought to life these childhood memories within SL.

I am super excited about these next two poses I am going to show you!

You can find them at The Wild West Fair

between August, 22th 2014 – September, 5th 2014.

The theme for this fair is western(obviously) but with a sexy, modern twist.

!!!!Check them out below!!!!

T.M. Battles (Wix)

This first pose I am showing (Cowgirl 2) is found in the Gatcha and is part of a

4 common, 2 rare selection of poses.

Tame the beast

Here is a glimpse at the rest of the Gatcha poses:


This next pose is called Indian Princess and as you will see

it has four poses to choose from and really

is a super fun and flirty pose n’ prop!

Tame the beast within Tame the beast within2 Tame the beast within3 Tame the beast within4

FYI: I have image edited the sand in the photo to match that of the photo location,

the sand for this prop is a more beachy white. 😉

Model: Wiccanbeauty

FOCUS: Something New Cowgirl 2 & Indian Princess Pose and Props

Something New Marketplace Link:


Something New In World Landmark:


Wild West Fair Landmark:


Check out:



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