… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

Something to Remember….


Something New  #2


So I received from one of the BEST Prop N’ Pose

designers within Second Life several poses in a 

set called “SN 6 Female Poses”,

O.K so the name isn’t fancy BUT the poses ARE!

They are cute with a bit of flirtatiousness embedded in them!

~I just LOVE this store~

Walk to Remember Walk to Remember2 Walk to Remember3




NOW, oh boy, these next two rock my world!

The first is a pose called Callie which is

sweet and simple with just a touch of shyness to it.

It works well for any photo Op! 

Something Callie


And now for a whole lot of HOT, HOT, HOT!

Smokiness, sexiness, and mystery

all wrapped into one pose called Electric Obsession.

This next photo is going to show you 

a lot of WooHoo and have you saying “How You Doin’?!”

Be warned, this next pose just *sigh* forced me to bare it all.

So if your not shy and your over 18

then take a peak below and have an ice pack ready.

Trust me, YOU’LL NEED IT!

Soemething Electric Rules Me Something Electric in Me Something Electric


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