… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

~Poised in Poses~

Something New  #2

Ok so I am SoOoooo sorry I have not been blogging as 

much as I used too! I truly love blogging

but because of a certain minor medical issue I 

have been unable to sit for long periods at a time.

However, I am on the mend and I was given

these INCREDIBLE poses to blog!

Ok, So I am in a little pain at the moment

but I don’t care because I was way too excited to

wait on blogging these any longer!

So this first pose by Something New

is called Madelyn and I couldn’t

help but feel like a glamorous Hollywood starlet

admiring herself(I promise I am not that vein in real life…well

ok maybe just a itsy witsy bit but shhh don’t tell anyone!)

Mirror, Mirror



Now this second pose I am totally in love with because I am a huge,

I mean HUGE animal lover. 

The Kindness pose embodies exactly something you would catch me

doing in real life.

It is cute, adorable, and funny all in one.

*Flutters my puppy dog eyes*

I just want to kiss this dogs cute lil’ wet nose!

Making a Friend



The Aislin pose I like because of it’s

simplicity, it gives the feeling of one lost in

thought and memory. 

I couldn’t help but toy with the idea

that I was a gypsy lost in memory of a lover

left behind.

Memories Memories2



I, of course, saved the sexiest pose for last

because I obviously want everyone, male and female alike,

drooling all over me(yea not vein at all, right?)

Seriously though, it is 100% the Biker pose that 

makes me look good in this one.

Now technically I think this pose was designed

for the male gender BUT there are at least

three in here that I totally rocked!

My Alibi2 My Alibi3 My Allibi


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