… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.


Holy shirt full logo, white background

I am baaaaaAaAck! 

and I am bringing you something fabulous!

Well actually I am bringing you TWO fabulous things!

Below you will get a glance at the HOLY SHIrT Welly Boots

and the HOLY SHIrT plain cropped Tees’. 

The Welly Boots come in the Polka Dot design ( Depicted in photos)

as well as the Animal, Camo,Comic, Cupcake, and Hippie designs.

The adorable Tees’ come in several colors as well.

In the photos you will get to see them in Yellow, Blue, and Khaki

but they also come in Black, Pink, and White!

I am on an overload of COLOR! Aaaagh!

Loving every minute of it of course!  😉 

Enjoy and get yours today!!


T.M. Battles (Wix)

Wet T Wet T2 WET T3

Model: WiccanBeauty

Top by: HOLY SHIrT ~ Plain cropped Tees’ in Yellow, Blue, Khaki

Shorts by: HOLY SHIrT ~ Denim Shorts Bleached

Boots by: HOLY SHIrT ~ Welly Boots in Polka Dot

Hair by: Truth ~ Rowan Hair

HOLY SHIrT Marketplace Link: 


HOLY SHIrT In World Landmark:




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