… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

~***The Royal Treatment***~


The night air plays a quite tune,

a hush falls among your fans

that all at once becomes a screaming roar!

You step out of the limo

to a swarm of flashing lights

to be surrounded by your bodyguards.

Your name is shouted from every angle

to be caught by the wind and carried to the gods.

You smile warmly and offer your autograph

as your escorted inside.

Everyone seems to want to please you,

to give in to your every request and desire.

Your a goddess among mere mortals.

A royal among peasants.

And why shouldn’t a royal be

given the royal treatment?


My dearest second life dwellers,

I am here to bring you TWO fabulous

items from Fascino Couture!

The first is the Kennedy shoes

made for slink high feet.

You have TODAY to grab these 

super shoes at 99 Lindens because

Monday they go up to 299 Lindens.

The pack comes with the chain in three colors:

Gold, Silver, and Platinum. 

So HURRY and get to Fascino Couture while 

these spectacular shoes are on sale!!

Landmark here:













NOW… I am going to give you a taste of 

something truly fabulous!

An exclusive item that Fascino Couture

is offering at the Red Carpet event mentioned above!

The Imogen Gown which is ONLY 99 Lindens!

That has a matching pair of slink shoes for

slink high feet also ONLY 99 Lindens!

AND a jewelry set that 

includes bracelets, earrings, a necklace, and a ring

for 1 Linden, yes you heard right, 1 Linden!!

Best part is the jewelry MATCHES the Imogen gown!

You could own this fabulous and complete set for

just 199 Lindens and what a steal it is!!

~Check it out below~




Model: WiccanBeauty

Wearing: Fascino Couture ~Imogen Gown (Exclusive item)

Shoes by: Fascino Couture~ Imogen shoes for Slink High Feet (Exclusive item)

Jewelry by: Fascino Couture~ Imogen Jewelry set (Exclusive item) 

Hair by: A&A~ Laurie Hair Blackberry

Exclusive Items found here @ The Red Carpet Event Landmark:


Fascino Couture Marketplace Link:


Fascino Couture In World Landmark:







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