… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

Golden Girl

Under the brilliant blue sky,

among the rich and sophisticated,

linger the smells of lavender and cinnamon.

In the middle of the room

without a care is Emilie, the Golden Girl.

She laughs, she dances, she flirts.

The golden glowing gown she is wearing

like a second skin upon her.

Its’ fabric rich and luxurious,

its’ texture smooth and soft.

She is the envy of all the women

and the desire of all the men.

Even YOU want to be her,

… and you CAN

…Fascino Couture…

The Emilie Gown.

Wear it with Pride,

Wear it with Passion.

Just wear it!


T.M. Battles (Wix)





Model: WiccanBeauty

Wearing: Fascino Couture Emilie Gown

Hair by: Miamai_Chu Updo_Peacock

Jewelry by: Lazuri~ Lasya


Fascino Couture Marketplace Link:


Fascino Couture In World Landmark:





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