… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

~~Lucky Number Three~~


Alright Second Life Dwellers,

I couldn’t resit doing another post for ZoZ

and I have THREE things I want to

share with you in this post.

Lucky Number Three, right?

The first is yet another pair of

FABULOUS shoe for slink high feet!

The gods help me because

if ZoZ keeps sharing these awesome

shoes with me I might

die of a shoe overdose!!

(NOT that I am complaining of course,

Ah to go to shoe heaven…)

This first set is the Chained Cheetah Heel Fat Pack

which you can find at the 

Risque Business Fair for 249L.

Landmark here:




On to the next….

This set is just divine and totally unique,

I absolutely adore them and they

go great with umm EVERYTHING!

These are the Spring Foot Straps,

also for Slink high feet.

You can find them at the

COSMOPOLITAN Discount Room for 99L!!

Landmark here:




Oh I ‘m NOT done,

I said Lucky Number Three, didn’t I?

Not only does ZoZ make GREAT slink shoes

but they make AWESOME polish to go with those slink feet!

O yea… I definitely need help,

an interventionist…

maybe even a white padded room,

but until someone takes me away

I am totally going to go overboard

on my daily dose of ZoZ!!!

Check out the Glitter Candy Silver Polish below,

which you can also find at the 

COSMOPOLITAN Discount Room for 75L.

Landmark Here:




T.M. Battles (Wix) 


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