… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

*Don’t Step on My Heeltastic Feet*


A one and A Two and A Three and A Four!

Ok well there is really five poses in this

set of awesome new poses by Something New

but I managed to miss one when photographing…

Shhhh, don’t tell ok?? 

Anyway I think you will get the point 

once you see the photos,

these “Heeltastic” poses are all about showing 

off those fancy, dancy, Heeltastic Feet!

(Pssst.. that means your shoes, if your a blogger,

like myself, and you like blogging shoes,

then this is one set you will want to have!)


T.M. Battles (Wix)




Model: WiccanBeauty

Wearing: TRENDS~ Serenata Outfit

Shoes by: ZoZ~ Spring Foot Straps for Slink High Feet( Found @ COSMOPOLITAN Discount Room for 99L)

Something New Marketplace Link:


Something New In World Landmark:




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