… Leaving you Virtually S@TISFIED.

Kaleidoscope of Desire

Image                                                                            ~THE RAINBOW IS A PROMISE~


Image ImageImage











I was once told a story as a young girl about how the Rainbow came to be…. The story explained that long ago the many colors of the world each thought themselves superior, more important, and more favored than the other. Green represented Life and Hope. Blue was the meaning of Peace. Yellow gave warmth and laughter. Orange was renowned for strength and health. Red was the color of blood and that which gives life. Purple was worn by nobility and therefore was royal and powerful. Lastly was Indigo, the color for inner peace and balance. All these colors shouted with each other over who was more important but then the rain came in a thunderous mood and shouted “FOOLS!” Why do you try to dominate the rest? Don’t you know you were each made special and each given a purpose?” Rain gathered the many colors around and told them to join hands and unite with one another in harmony. A promise of peace.

I know your wondering why I relayed that story to you just now. My purpose was this: The Rainbow is a promise and PRISM DESIGNS brings that promise into their fabulous line of clothing! The colors are endless like that of the rainbow. As depicted in the pictures above and below they have a Kaleidoscope of colors in this one bathing suit alone and it falls together fabulously. It looks classy and sexy all at the same time. The colors don’t overwhelm each other or bring chaos, they simply blend together beautifully! This particular bathing suit is mesh and I love mesh, especially when you get a designer who knows what they are doing! I did not have to make any modifications to my shape at all! What I love even better about this bathing suit is that it came with a tintable *cough* crotch piece. I know, I know, your wondering why!? Simple, it is there to make sure you feel extra secure with those AOs that keep us moving around (o yea I have had my… HmmmMm… Temple of Desire flash people before because I did not predict that the movement of my AO would not work 100% with the alpha layer to my attire. EMBARRASSED? YEssssSSSsssssssssss!) Well ladies at least with this one you can bet your Taco is safely tucked away!

If you want CoLoR, If you want FuN! If your craving UNIQUE then shop PrIsM DESIGNS! AND if your ready to hop into some swimwear, then head to their store at the landmark provided or marketplace link, and pick this one out! You won’t regret it!



Well… OK… You can finish looking at my gorgeous pictures first… THEN head your Avatar rump over to their store and EXPLORE, EXPLORE EXPLORE!!!


Model: WiccanBeauty

Outfit: Prism Melange Swimsuit by Journey in Frappe

Hair: Truth~ Mina

Bracelet: <<Digital Aura>> Shell Bangle Cuff

Photo Shoot Location:












Authors Note: MODEL is seen wearing SLINK hands & Feet


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