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!My Top Five Do’s and Don’ts of Second Life!

             Oh, so lets’ see… How to begin. Well I guess the best way is to just jump right in, yes? So here are my top five Do’s and Don’ts of Second Life. Now please keep in mind these are my personal opinions when it comes to the Second Life Virtual Reality. These thoughts that I am about to share are not written rules of any kind and neither are they promoted by Second Life itself. 

             “I don’t bite………hard.” I am sure most have heard this line or one very similar to it. It is really fun to role play, especially in a virtual reality where no one knows your real face and you can literally be anything you want to be. So DO Role play, have fun! You have a variety of options to choose from whether it be a vampire role in bloodlines or perhaps a Lycan, even the rare and illusive hybrid. You can explore BDSM and much, much more. There are even a few sims  that won’t allow you on there premises unless your in costume and character.However, DON’T lose sight of actual reality. It is important to keep in mind that there are REAL people behind these avatars with REAL feelings and emotions. Respect is still KEY even in our virtual fantasies. 

             With all that I have just stated above you DO want to enjoy the fantasies and ever lasting youth that Second Life provides you (and lets’ face it… who the heck doesn’t want to be young forever! Or magical!) There are so many avatar options out there from tall to short and fat to skinny that all you have to do is find the one that fits you. You can be human if you choose but don’t stop there, why not see if perhaps you prefer being a fairy or dwarf. Explore the Marketplace and stores and try as many demos’ as you like until you find what your looking for! What you DON’T want to do is let this make you feel invincible. Second Life may allow you be all that your heart desires but it DOES NOT mean you are a GOD. So ladies and gents, please leave the egos out of the virtual world. Trust me you may be able to play the part of a celebrity within this virtual world but so can everyone else, you may want to keep that in mind before you talk down to anyone else. 

             Some of us are a bit kinkier than others or may have come here to explore other sides of ourselves that we have yet to tap into. If your mind equates a little pain to pleasure then you DO want to try out BDSM relations within Second Life. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, BDSM is Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism and Masochism. It is the art, and yes I do say ART because it has it’s own way of being beautiful, in which individuals or groups of individuals role play or make the lifestyle choice of using their experiences of pain and power to create sexual tension, pleasure, and release. If this sounds like something that excites you then have a go at it but DON’T under any circumstances allow yourself to be collared by someone without first knowing them REALLY well. Collaring is a lot like marriage within the Second Life community. Allowing someone to collar you gives them control over several aspects of your avatar. For one, if your DOM(meaning dominant and the one who has collared you) does not like what clothes or hair your wearing he/she can easily change them or strip you down naked and they can do this anywhere they so please. That is just one small example but there are MANY more things that a collar allows them to control when you decides to be someones SUB(subordinate.) The best way to play it safe is to take the time to get to know the other person first and remember the BDSM key mantra is “Safe, Sane, Consensual.”

             This next DO is for a friend of mine because I frankly don’t give a damn about classes. I work a full time job in Real life and have no interest in virtual education but since it is really important to her(and it is important that this is written for the reader and what is in their best interest) I have added it to the top five DO’s and DON’TS. So DO take the time to learn from classes offered within the Second Life community. There are tons to choose from. You could take a class on how to use a particular software, such as Blender, in order to learn how to create mesh apparel and perhaps start your own Second Life clothing line or store and rake in those Lindens! Let’s say you want to start you OWN blog instead of reading my nonsense(as if! *giggles*), well they even have classes to guide you should you be unsure where to begin. So don’t be afraid to take advantage of the courses offered because you DON’T want to become a Second Life homebody. All it adds up to is being bored out of your mind and then all the energy you wasted on defining your avatar look and character will be for nothing because eventually you will become so stagnant that you won’t bother to log on again if you don’t keep that mind sharp and entertained in some way. 

             Last but not at all least while shopping for clothing,shoes,hair,homes,etc you DO want to look into those seller reviews. They have a star ranking system in place. A buyer can give them one to five stars and with that star they may leave a review detailing why they did or did not like the item purchased. These reviews are very helpful for those who come behind to purchase that same item because they let us know if the seller has the quality we want in the item we are viewing or it is just a piece of junk and a waste of our Lindens. Of course the system is not flawless because everyone has different tastes and what one person may like, the next person may not. With that being said please for the love of all that is made up of sugar and spice and everything nice DON’T, seriously DON’T buy clothing or shoes or jewelry that has that “bling” factor. I understand that a lot of you may be new to the game and the “freebies” are VERY tempting but invest in some Lindens and if you are too young to own a credit card to buy some then find a Second Life job to earn some. Trust me, if your intuition tells you that someone somewhere is making fun of you. THEY ARE! Because you look absolutely ridiculous in that “Noob Attire.” 

             Well ladies and gentleman. There you have it. My picks for the top five DO’s and DON’TS of Second Life. You can agree or disagree, hell that is your prerogative but because the constitution of the good old United States of America gives me the freedom of speech and press you better bet your pretty @$$  I am going to state my piece of mind on my blog. I hope you have gained some knowledge and found this post insightful and useful. And if you have not, and are instead fuming behind your computer wondering to yourself “Who the hell does she think she is!”…. you can also bet your pretty @$$ I don’t care. 


Kisses XoXo

T.M. Battles (Wix)



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